There seems to be a new trend for some of the bigger wine producers in the Languedoc to open restaurants. This is not a new concept for New Zealanders or Australians and we are very happy to see it happening here.

They range from the very basic outdoor barbeque to some quite sophisticated places.

Two of the latter spring to mind .

The Florensac Cave Co-operative has a classy, well priced, modern restaurant attached to it’s wine outlet.

Open for lunches, it has a 3 course set menu for around 20 euros. The food is seasonal, beautifully presented and delicous.

The tableware and glasses are of high quality and the staff very friendly.

AND the best is yet to come…the wine is at cellar door prices so for around 6 euros you can have a lovely bottle of, say, Syrah with your meal!

Bookings essential.

Vinepolis 04 67 77 00 20

Just 15 minutes from Fontes….it only gets better!


Then for the new kid on the block……

Casual but classy dining at:

Restaurant Cote Mas….Route de Villeveyrac, Montagnac.

This is a stylish modern area with high ceilings, modern colours and plenty of space between tables.

The overall effect is one of a modern brasserie with added attitude.

The menu displays a Japanese influence which is hardly surprising as the Chef is Taichi Megurikami who has spent 8 years working in some of France’s top restaurants. He aspires to Michelin success and we would be surprised of he isn’t displaying some rewards soon..

The menu is a la carte and displays some old favourites with interesting adaptions: an absolutely astounding foie gras prepared 4 different ways, each topped differently, and so it goes on.

The wine list all comes from the Paul Mas stable and showcases the rather large and spread out holdings of wines from as far afield as Limoux in Aude.

While there is no set menu the realistically priced wines will even things out in the end, so an evening out with a bottle of wine should allow change back from 100 euros.

We are blessed to have this wonderful restaurant just over 10 minutes away.

To book 04 67 24 36 10