Need to walk of that delicious local cheese? Try one of the following  pretty local walks.

Long Betty Walk. ……40 minutes

From Rue de l’Hopital walk the short distance to Boulevard Jules Ferry and turn left.
Continue down the road till you see Avenue Jean Moulin…turn left again and stay on the road which will lead you out of the village and amongst the vines.
Ahead is a flat topped bush clad hill known as extinct volcano.The road will take you past the sewerage treatment plant (not pretty but necessary).
Now you will notice other roads but keep taking the right hand option. You will cross a ford over the River Boyne.
Continue on this road for quite a time before coming to 2 more fords and on up a small incline which will take you back to the main road between Fontes and Cabrieres.
If you make a tiny detour here you will find a little loop road where a park bench is dedicated to Ray and Betty Dixon…hence reason for the walk being called Long Betty.
Turn left here and head back to Fontes which is clearly visible . The local camping ground ( Camping l’Evasion) is on your right.
On your way back though the village is an ideal opportunity to buy your baguette …but easy on the cheese!

¬†Short Betty Walk……20 minutes

This is a great little walk..perfect for after dinner on a warm summers’ night.

As for the Long Betty walk, turn left from Rue de l’Hopital into Boulevard Jules Ferry and walk to Avenue Jean Moulin…turn left.
Continue out into the vines and towards Ceressou.
Once past the sewerage plant take a left hand turn and simply follow the road which will take you back to the village church and cemetery . Turn left again and you are very quickly back in town!

Church Walk…..30 minutes

By way of a change you turn right into into Boulevard Jules Ferry and head up to top end of the village…Continue on out of the village. At the stop sign veer slightly left on the D174 to Caux etc.
Just a short way along is a little road on the right which heads into the vines …again!
Once you see a park bench…turn right and walk on until you see two park benches…turn right again.
Continue on this road…past a small olive grove and even a tiny plot of Kiwi fruit. The lovely old village church will be on your left , and voila…you are back in the village.

This is a very pretty walk. If you still have loads of energy you can add on the Short Betty walk in reverse to make an easy 45 minute walk.

Caux Walk….1 hour

This is the more challenging of the walks….the full on 3course lunch walk!
The reward for this one is the final 20 minutes are downhill.

Begin your walk by turning left into Boulevard Jules Ferry.
Take the first road to the right…Avenue P et M Curie (also the turn for the dechetterie)
Shorty along here is an option which goes to the Dechetterie…do not take this road but continue to take right hand turns as you walk gently up hill on sealed lanes. Of interest as you climb are olives, stone fruit trees and the ever present grapes! Wild cherries, figs and almond trees provide treats in season.
After approximately 40 minutes the road will meet up with a significant road. This is the D174.
Turn right and now the easy bit starts! Simply follow the road back to the village and a well earned coffee.

All the walks are loops, taking us out into the vineyards and the garrigue..bush land… then back to Fontes.
They may sound a little complicated but in fact are very simple.
What may look like private roads are vineyard access roads and walkers are welcome.

Enjoy :)