Having spent a pleasant stay over the summer with a group using both houses, I can thoroughly recommend both as a holiday haven for comfort and convenience. The kitchens are both set up for those who love to cook with local produce. You will find all the necessary kitchen utensils and more…..even a cherry pitter for the clafoutis! The beds are comfortable and the ambiance of each house is distinctive and charmingly French. The set up with the two neighbouring houses is perfect for the larger group , affording room to spread out, time for yourselves and plenty of room to get together when you want.
Fontes is the typical small French village, friendly , sleepy and quiet at times but also alive and buzzing if you are lucky enough to be there for one of their many festival days or evenings. Croissants from the local patisserie, selected meats from the local boucherie, fresh vegetables and cheese from the local market stalls and wine from the local Cave. What more do you need?
Fontes is very conveniently placed to do one day trips and soak in the atmosphere of the many historic villages nearby, a day on the beach , shopping in the big city of Montpelier or  a meander through the picturesque, rural countryside.
I can’t wait to get back!
Group of friends from NZ